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Thursday, 18 September 2014

My first visit

I made my first visit to Captain’s Close School this week to meet with Mrs Hancock and Miss Gackowska and talk about what we might do to encourage an enthusiasm for reading in the school.

I love Lego – it’s my favourite toy – so when I saw the collection of Lego mini-figures in Mrs Hancock’s office, I thought we’d probably get on, and I was right! We had a great meeting and I’m really looking forward to working with the school.

After the meeting, Mrs Hancock took me on a quick tour of the school and I got to meet some of the staff and students and even the school rabbit. I’ve forgotten his or her name - so perhaps someone can remind me in the comments box below this post.

I was thrilled to see that you already have a display board about me.

I was also very impressed - and a little jealous - of your cardboard cave.

I love building things out of cardboard. Here’s a cave I made for one of my daughter’s birthday parties.

It’s not as impressive as yours, but I did make this dragon to go with it! One of the party games involved throwing balls into the dragon's mouth.

I was even more impressed by your Hobbit Home and can understand why Mrs Hancock is so proud of it.

I’ll have a chance to meet you all properly when I visit the school some time after the half-term holiday. So see you then!


  1. We're so excited to be working with you Jonathon. It was such fun meeting you. Have a look at my Headteacher's blog-my elves have been to visit today.

    1. Wow! Those two look like a handful. From the size of them, I'm guessing they're in Year 1.

      You've just reminded me that I really should have a link to your blog on this page , so I've just added one on the right.

  2. Hello Jonathon
    We are very proud of our dinosaur work and are glad you like our cave.
    Hallie thinks your dragon looks amazing! we are going to try and make a dinosaur.
    Sam thinks you're the best because we love your story about dinosaurs.
    Our rabbit is called Rufus, but he is very cheeky as he likes to escape from his run and doesn't want to go in his hutch.
    We hope you come back soon.
    Love from The Owls

    1. RUFUS! Thanks for reminding me.

      I'm glad Hallie likes the dragon and Sam likes my story about dinosaurs. Which story was it? I've written four dinosaur books including a pop-up book.

      I hope I get a chance to see your cardboard dinosaur. You might get some inspiration from the photo of the dinosaurs I made for one of my son's birthday parties on this page:

  3. Hi Jonathan.
    I can't wait to start reading a new book with the Chaffinches class next week. we will be reading 'The Diary of a Killer Cat' by Anne Fine. We will let you know how we enjoy it. from Mrs Chapman

  4. Ah. I haven't read that one, but I do know Steve Cox who drew the pictures for it. Do let everyone know what you think of it!

  5. Hi Jonathan!
    Lately I have been reading THE SPY WHO LOVED SCHOOL DINNERS Series, which have been in the Blue Peter Awards 2015.
    I have already read THE SPY WHO LOVED SCHOOL DINNERS and MY HEAD TEACHERS A VAMPIRE RAT, now I am currently reading Pamela Butcharts third book, all illustrated by Thomas Flintham, BABY ALIENS GOT MY TEACHER.
    Izzy and her friends, Zach, Jodi and Maisie predict that weird things are happening to normal, random people like a school girl, the new head teacher and her teacher. But in the end theres always a simple explanation for unusual things.
    All the very Best, Ame.

    1. Hi Ame
      Thanks for telling us about those books - they sound brilliant!

  6. Hello Jonathan
    I am just talking to Max in Year 6 about his latest read.
    he is going to try and record a Raring Review.
    It's called Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot V the Voodoo Vultures from venus
    Mrs Hancock

  7. Excellent! I haven't heard of that book, but the title sounds really exciting. I can't wait to see Max's review.


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